Fracture is a 4 month old male Belgian Malinois.  Bred by Loups du Soleil, one of the top US breeders of working Belgian Malinois, Fracture will make a top sport or police service dog.  He is social, has high play and retrieve drive, with exceptional bite work for a puppy of his age.  We have completed the bite development phase and he has shown us the hard, driving in grips we would expect with his pedigree with a willingness to engage the man directly.  He will be a larger dog, 70-80lbs.

See Fracture's video on YouTube
Rocket is a 16 month old male Sport Dog mix.  He is super social, steady in all environments and has excellent play and food drives.  His pedigree combines Border Terrier, Border Collie and Belgian Malinois to create the ideal working dog for private sector work such as termite or bedbug detection, as well as narcotic detection for Law Enforcement.  At 18 inches and 30lbs he is the ideal size for even first time handlers yet has the athletic build and drive to work tirelessly.  Rocket is available for sale custom trained specifically for your requirements.

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Tanner is a 10 month old male Belgian Malinois. 
He is from the Loups du Soleil "D" Litter of
Vice du Loups du Soleil x Moki du Loups du Soleil.

More info coming soon!
Gusto is a 20 month old male Belgian Malinois.
He is from Von Donnetal's G Litter of
Joker du Loups du Soleil SchH III x C'Hateful Von Donnertal SchH III.

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Mangouste du Loups du Soleil  (Mongoose) MR3 FR3
12X ring 3 -- 4th place 2009 FMBB, 6th place 2009 World Cup, 12th place 2010 World Cup
UnRuly Ramsey du Loups du Soleil (Ruly) MR2,FR Brevet 

4 males and 2 females
Puppies born 11-4-11

Thank you so much to Jay and Mary Jo Schroeder and their family for whelping this litter and taking such great care of the pups :)
This should be a very nice litter!

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See Ruly here:

Pras is an 18 month old German Shepherd male.  This is truly one of the best biting German Shepherds we have met.  He bites anywhere on the suit with hard, extremely punishing grips.  He is responsive to the handler, has strong play and retrieve drives and will make an excellent dual purpose dog for any department.  We first met Pras when he was just a year old and were very pleased when we had the opportunity to bring him into our training program.  Pras is now with the City of Ione, CA Police Department with a handler that is perfect for him.
Look for Pras in upcoming Police K-9 Trials!

See Pras's video on YouTube
Gus is aptly named.  He shows extreme motivation and speed in everything he does.  He has his BH and the lovely animated focus heel you would expect from a high level Schutzhund dog.  Gusto is crazy for play with any object and will require someone who is talented at play as he comes for the reward object with reckless abandon.  Gusto is working on the bitesuit and bites arms, shoulders and legs.  With his extreme entries he is as fun for the decoy to catch as he is to watch.
Gusto is in training for narcotics detection and puts all the energy he puts into play into the search and is just as passionate for detection work as he is for obedience and bitework.  He is currently on five narcotic odors. 
While Gusto would excel in the Ringsports, he is ideally suited to Law Enforcement and is currently in training to be a Dual Purpose Police K-9.

See Gus's video on YouTube
See Gus's video on YouTube
See Gus's video on YouTube
Maggie is a 2 year old Black Lab female.  She is extrememly social and environmentally sound.  She has excellent hunt/search focus and is very driven for her reward.  Like all dogs we train, Maggie has a Passive Alert with Focus at Source.  Maggie and her handler have had some amazing seizures!

See Maggie's video on YouTube
See Maggie's video on YouTube
Ryuu is a large to medium size, red male Malinois bred by Augusta Farley.  Ryuu is the ideal dog for someone who wants to hit the Mondioring trial field running.  While he only has his Mondioring Brevet he has the foundation for many of the exercises for Level 3.  Ryuu was raised in a home with a toddler and is quiet and happy to chill on a dog bed in the house.  He is social and steady in temperament and can be handled both on and off the field by anyone.  Ryuu is a fun dog to work, easy to manage around the house and loves to work with the handler.  He is a rare opportunity as he is a nice dog to play at Mondioring with but also will make an excellent addition to any family.

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Bexter des Ombres Valeureux  x Lareina du Loups du Soleil

Vex is an extremely nice dog.  He is from the Loups du Soleil "V'" Litter.  We helped train and prepare Vex and his Eureka, CA Police Department Handler for their California POST Certification. At 80 lbs Vex is a big boy and a force to be reckoned with.  He stimulates easily and has excellent compression when he bites.  Vex carries the right balance of aggression to be clear headed and under control when he has to but he really loves the work!  Vex and his handler make and excellent team and compliment each other perfectly.
Look for Vex in upcoming Police K-9 Trials!

See Vex's video on YouTube