Andrew Ramsey is a former Military Working Dog Trainer with a life-long passion for interacting with canines.  For his entire life Andrew has been an admirer of Dachshunds and later on the shepherd breeds, but enjoys training all varieties of dogs.  Andrew has trained Military Working Dogs as a Contractor for the U.S. Army, a Contractor for the U.S. Air Force and as a U.S. Air Force Civilian at the Military Working Dog Training Center. 
Andrew entered the Military Working Dog Program as the Consultant for the Department of Defense Breeding Program, where he worked as a force multiplier and instructed over 100 patriotic foster families in the proper methods of raising Belgian Malinois puppies in preparation for becoming future Military Working Dogs. 
Later, Andrew became the Head Trainer of the Department of Defense Breeding Program's Training Team where he developed and trained hundreds of Belgian Malinois and Dutch Shepherd puppies in Patrol and Detection from start to finish. In addition to Dual Purpose DoD dogs, Andrew also trained Single Purpose Explosive Detection puppies from the Breeding Program in preparation to enter the primarily Army and Marine Corps' off leash Detection program, the Specialized Search Dog program (SSD) and the Department of Homeland Security’s Transportation Security Administration K-9 Explosive Detection Program.
Andrew left the Breeding Program to become an Air Force Civilian Trainer at DTS, the Dog Training Section, where all Military Working Dogs receive their training and are certified.  There he worked, as a Civilian amongst the Military Trainers, with hundreds and certified numerous green dogs in Patrol and Detection before they were shipped out to their Military Police, Master-at-Arms and Security Forces Handlers.       
Andrew has been involved in the Protection Sports for some time and has competed twice at National Level Competitions.  He won the 2007 Mondioring Level 2 National Championship with his dog Fusel, and Fusel was also awarded the Decoy's Choice award for the Championship.  While different from the Military and Police deployment of the K-9, Andrew loves the fun and often challenging aspects that these Protection Sports provide.
With his understanding of working puppy development in both detection and bitework gained from his time in the DoD’s Breeding Program, knowledge and training abilities obtained while training and certifying untrained Military Working Dogs for the DoD at DTS and his passion leading to a National Championship in one of the most difficult Protection Sports currently available, Andrew brings an extremely unique set of skills to the current working dog market.  These things give him the experience required to help dog and handler teams in every phase of training.  Andrew has been put in a rare position to be able to relay some of the lessons learned from an environment with outstanding resources, programs with phenomenal training areas and some of the best trainers in the world. 
Andrew's training methods focus on strengthening the handler’s relationship with their dog through reward based training using a verbal marker for clear, consistent communication and treats each training tool as just that, a tool to help communicate specific desires to the dog.  The training methods and communication style Andrew uses are the same in all phases of training; Patrol, Detection and Obedience, and throughout all of them, he emphasizes handler education, not just canine education. 
Private Sector and Law Enforcement alike seek out Andrew for his expertise in selecting, developing, maintaining and deploying service dogs.

Andrew Ramsey

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