From foundation work with your sport prospect puppy to problem solving with your current competition dog, our private Protection Sport sessions offer many exceptional benefits.  You get one-on-one attention so that training can progress for you and your dog at the appropriate speed, from building engagement in a young pup to fine tuning for high level competition.  We will show you how to implement the use of marker training, harness the effectiveness of food rewards and maximize the power of high arousal play to create a crisp, precise, performance in any Protection Sport venue.  If you are considering the use of aversives, let us show you how to properly introduce and apply aversive based control in a way that perfectly blends with reward based training.   We also offer you the opportunity to work on both obedience and bitework in the same session using the same system of training and communication.  RAMSEY K-9 SERVICES can help you and your dog reach your maximum potential.

Andrew Ramsey

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These one-on-one sessions are scheduled to your convenience.  They are hour long sessions and can focus on obedience coaching, bitework exercises or can be split between obedience and bitework. 
In-home Lesson-held in your home or at your training facility. 
Per lesson $150/package of four $500
Park Lesson-meet us at one of the several areas where we train in the Bay area.   Per lesson $95/package of four $350/package of ten $700
Contact us for Drop-In Bitework on Wednesday Afternoons in the East Bay!