Scheduled to your convenience, these lessons focus on what is important to you and your dog.  We will work your dog and then coach you and your family through the process.  Topics can include puppy socialization, basic obedience, house manners, potty training, and solutions to common behavior problems such as leash aggression, counter surfing, jumping on guests, barking at the doorbell and more.  Interested in dog sports?  We can help you get started or help you earn blue ribbons.
In-home Lesson-held in your home.  Field trips to your favorite dog park, petstore, your vet's office or any other location your dog needs training can also be included: Per lesson $150/package of four $500
Park Lesson-meet the trainer at Hanna Ranch Park in Hercules.  These lessons are ideal for basic obedience, leash reactivity and dog sport coaching.  Our well trained demo dogs will assist in teaching your dog calm, reliable control around other dogs: Per lesson $95/package of four $350/package of ten $700
IN-BOARD TRAINING               
In-board training is available on a very limited basis.  Your dog will live in a home setting instead of a kennel environment while learning basic obedience and house manners.  Social skills and reliability with everyday distractions will be practiced on field trips to dog beaches, dog parks, outdoor malls and more.  Every day includes several training sessions, playtime with other dogs and enrichment including stuffed kongs and marrow bones.  Programs range from one to four weeks depending on your goals and the rate your dog learns.  Since training the owner is as important as training the dog, each week of camp includes an in-home private tutoring session.  Vacation brush ups are for dogs who have completed a training package or in-board training.
In board training-per week $600/full month $2000
Vacation brush up-per day $50/week $325/month $1200

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