This seminar covers a broad range of training techniques and deals with the most common problems that today’s Law Enforcement handlers and trainers face.  It is ideal for introducing K-9 Teams to our system of communication and shows how to implement it into every phase of training.  For dogs trained with other methods, we will coach you on making the most of your training plan and explain how the laws of learning apply to all training methods.  This seminar is individually catered to the specific training issues requested by your department and can cover mulitple areas of training.
GENERAL SEMINAR              
DECOY SEMINAR              
In addition to teaching advanced agitation and decoy skills, this seminar explains the same system used in patrol training that we use in obedience training.  We will show how the clarity of communication that marker training offers minimizes conflict while creating a confident, controlled dog and the decoys role in creating it.  All stages of development are covered from building the young dog to problem solving for dogs already on the street.

Topics Covered Include:
Proper handling of the dog from the handler side for decoy safety
Different styles of agitation and working different types of dogs in different drives
Bite Development for younger or weaker dogs
Safe catching of the dog
Exposing the dog to environmental bites
Biting the passive decoy and suspect
Civil Agitation, Hidden Sleeve bites and Muzzle Work
Getting clean outs using the system
Discussion of Bite Equipment
Whether you have a green dog and are preparing to put them on odor or have a certified dog and want to refine your skills as a handler and trainer, this seminar is for you.  Our system with its ease of explanation is tailored to be beneficial and simple to comprehend for everyone, from the most novice handler to seasoned trainers.  It perfectly blends elements of the system used by the Department of Defense with multiple methods currently in use by the private sector, and incorporates the use of a marker and reward based training to produce one integral system that results in absolutely clear communication with your dog.  Unlike traditional methods that promote extreme physical possession of the reward, our system emphasizes play and will transition flawlessly to anyone familiar with reward based training.  The seminar consists of portions of explanation and practical hands on learning that will improve your handling skills and provide you with tools to advance you as a trainer.  Everything from initial detection to preventing common training errors are addressed in the seminar.

Topics Covered Include:
-Explanation of odor and how it travels, collects and disperses
-Selection of optimal dogs
-Working dogs with different drives with different techniques
-Proper Handler skills
-Establishing rewards and their incorporation into the system
-Putting the search behavior on cue 
-Enticement, drive building and channeling drive into hunt and search focus
-Developing a methodical and efficient search pattern
-Building independence in the search
-Identifying change of behavior in relation to odor recognition
-Introducing the Final Response
-Different types of responses, aggressive, passive and focused
-Setting up ideal training environments
-Avoiding issues with aggressive, fringe and false responses and problems with odor recognition

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