RAMSEY K-9 SERVICES is committed to providing our clients the highest quality working dogs and training to face the demanding challenges of today’s Law Enforcement K-9 Team.  We realize the lives of our clients, and possibly their partners, teammates or families depend on the character of our K-9’s and the training we provide.  RAMSEY K-9 SERVICES understands that different departments, units and agencies have very different and often unique requirements for the K-9’s they work and deploy.  We will not try to sell you a dog unless we are certain it will excel in the role in which you intend to utilize it.  Our goal is to match your department with the perfect K-9 for your application and develop a customized training program specifically tailored around your department's demands.  RAMSEY K-9 SERVICES will provide your department with the exact K-9 and the exact training you need for mission success.
Even K-9’s with the best training foundations are only as good as the level of training they are maintained at.  Like high level athletes and Special Operations personnel, your department’s K-9 should be in a perpetual cycle of training to guarantee that it’s training exceeds mission requirements.  With this mindset we hold to the doctrine that training never ends and no dog is ever “Fully Trained.”  RAMSEY K-9 SERVICES will provide your K-9 with the training needed for it’s skills to remain honed so they can perform at their best, giving you peace of mind on the street.  We offer many options when it comes to ensuring your K-9 performs optimally.  RAMSEY K-9 SERVICES conducts training at several locations in the Bay Area and training can also be arranged at the location of your departments choosing.  We offer weekly, bi weekly, monthly, bi-monthly and quarterly training and evaluation packages for your K-9 Teams.
When your department’s K-9 exits the Patrol vehicle and goes on the job make sure that it has been given the necessary training to succeed.
We house a limited inventory of dogs but acquire and import dogs of exceptional quality for all working disciplines.  We train primarily Belgian Malinois, Dutch Shepherds, German Shepherds, Labrador Retrievers and a few other Sporting Breeds.  We occasionally have performance bred “Sport Mixes”, that are extremely reward driven, compact, social dogs that are excellent for Detection.  Contact RAMSEY K-9 SERVICES with the specifics of your department and we will provide the right K-9 for you.

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Our seminars will give your department an overview of our training process as well as the opportunity to learn more advanced skills and how to resolve common training errors in multiple areas of training.  RAMSEY K-9 SERVICES currently offers a General Seminar, an Electronic Collar Seminar, a Decoy Seminar and a Detection Seminar.

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